Apple resort -
Mountain resort in the foothills
of the Trans-Ili Alatau
A place of peace, alone with nature…
In our recreation
area you will find:
  • Unusual shape of houses
  • Domed roof
  • French restaurant“Le Pic”
  • Observation deck
  • Campfire area
  • Solitude with nature
ur philosophy
At the top of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains, in the embrace of nature, is located our mountain resort. Like a dream in which silence intertwines with the whisper of the wind.

Every stone embedded in the walls, every plant planted in caring hands, has become a symbol of our philosophy - to protect and love this amazing corner of nature.
Walking through our territory becomes a journey within yourself, and the restaurant, reflecting the greatness of nature in all its essence, that will give you the magic of tastes and aromas.
Our philosophy is not only to provide a place to relax, but also to show by our own example how easy it is to fall in love with the art of living in harmony with nature, while remaining inspired by the beauty, that we so carefully preserve for our children...
Among the mountain peaks, calm finds its voice. The wind caresses the skin, and the view of the endless distance relaxes the mind. In this silence you find peace, forgetting about the bustle and immersing yourself in the moment.
To create interiors we use only environmentally friendly materials.
French restaurant
“Le Pic”
«Le Pic» - is the pinnacle of gastronomic pleasure.
At an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, in the very heart of Almaty, the restaurant “Le Pic” is located. This is a place where you can enjoy gourmet cuisine, while discovering new flavors and combinations.
from our clients
  • We held a corporate event, everything was great! At 14:00 we had a party on the terrace with a DJ, then the official part in the restaurant, Boris, the security director met us, showed us the territory, Vladimir, the bartender made us cool cocktails, Aisha, the girl at the reception was nearby, helped and the most the best administrator is Nazira, who was in charge of our event! Everything went at the highest level! Good luck in your endeavor!
    ​Zhanel’ Tolegenova
    15 января 2024
  • Cool atmosphere and excellent cuisine! Chef Dias TOP!
    Madina Baubekova
    7 января 2024
  • Very nice and cozy place! I especially liked the atmosphere and service. Special thanks to Chef Dias for an incredibly delicious breakfast. I will definitely come here again!
    Dayana Muratbek
    6 января 2024
  • Simply wow, really liked the kitchen
    It was my first time here and I was delighted! Special thanks to Chef Diaz for a divine breakfast!
    Shirin Andabaev
    6 января 2024
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